Beautiful Tangers

Originally from Morocco, I was born in a very devout Muslim family. From an early age I was brought up in the purest Islamic tradition. From my early teens, my most cherished desire was to be a good Muslim, an exemplary woman in the eyes of Allah. I rejected all that had a connection with Jews and Christians, the mere vision of a cross exasperated me.

At the age of 16, I met my current husband in high school who told me about Jesus Christ and gave me the gospel of John to read. I was very suspicious and very reluctant, but I felt feelings for this boy so I accepted this copy of the gospel and decided to read it in secret, of course, because if my parents discovered my reading I risked severe reprimands. Reading the first chapter pierced my heart. In an instant I knew that the Bible was the word of God and that Jesus was the truth. It was a real upheaval for me, a person who was so opposed to everything that was spiritual yet that did not belong to Islam. I understood one thing very precisely: God loves every human being without exception.

I continued to discover more. I read a calendar with Bible verses on it, for example, where verses said we could talk to God as a Father. I was experiencing this talking with God: every night before I was asleep I spoke to God quite simply and felt with certainty as His presence flooded my heart. Before, when I was praying to Allah I felt nothing but a void, This is another experience that has truly struck me.

Time passed, and I had the certainty that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that the Bible is the truth, however I had not yet really understood the significance Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, or  experienced the forgiveness of my sin.

One evening when I was returning home, I discovered my mother prostrate in my room: she had just learned by an anonymous phone call that I was seeing a French boy and that he was a non-Muslim. It was a real shock for her and me. I cried and suffered for many days. I even thought of stopping reading the Bible, no longer having communion with God. For me everything was over, even my relationship with this boy.

However, I hadn’t counted on God’s will to help me. The following Monday his father called my parents to meet them. During their meeting I prayed with all my heart and God answered me in his kindness because my mother returned to talk with me about marriage, I was very happy despite my young age (18 years).

So we married, and that is a real miracle when we know the Muslim religion. But the miracle passed. Our hearts were not truly attached to God. We prayed in the evening, but did not frequent any church. We had no fellowship with any Christian brothers or sisters, and there was still no real repentance over our sins. The Enemy of our soul therefore sowed trouble between us as a couple and I wanted a divorce. My husband and I knew that divorce would not please God, so we made contact with an evangelical church. My husband started to go to the meetings, but I wouldn’t. Then one day, God in his goodness led me to this house of prayer. That is when I truly repented of my sins, and this is the true beginning of my life with the Lord Jesus.

We were baptised after that, and I was very happy to know the truth and follow Jesus. With hindsight, I realise how great our God is, how He loves us and that it is His will that we are saved. He never let me go. Thank you Lord.