The Koran contains several stories that contradict the Biblical stories and historical facts. Here is a simple list for comparison:

Contradictions between the prophet Moses and Mohammed

Contradictions concerning Abraham:

  • The name of his father was Terah (Genesis 11:26) and not Azar as the Koran says (6: 74).
  • He did not raise his children in the valley of Mecca, but in Hebron (Genesis 13: 14-18)
  • His native city was not Mecca, but Ur in Chaldea (Genenes 11:31). The story of the Tawrat is confirmed by the extra-biblical tablets found at Ebla in Syria.
  • He did not go through the valley Mecquoise but Charan and Canaan (Genesis 11: 31; 12: 5)
  • God made a covenant with Isaac (Gen 17: 18-21) and not with Ishmael, the son of the slave Hagar. Isaac is considered the only son (Genesis 22)
  • The Bible never suggests that Abraham and Isaac went to Arabia or built the Ka’aba at Mecca, but it mentions Abraham’s stay in Egypt (Genesis 12:10)

Contradictions between Mohammed and other known historical facts

  • The Bible relates that Mary was mother of Jesus She was, very likely, in her late teens or maybe early twenties 2000 yars ago at the birth of Jesus and that she was a descendent of Judah a son of Jacob. Yet the Koran says, in contradiction that she was a teenager  and was the sister (or member of the tribe) of Aaron, and the daughter of Imran as well as the mother of Jesus (19:28). This would make the Mary whom the Koran says was mother of Jesus a person who lived 1,570 years before Jesus was born!  It contradicts both the Injil and proven and known history.
  • Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was said to have been silent for three nights, according to the Koran,  (19:10), yet in the Bible he remained silent throughout the pregnancy of Elizabeth (Luke 1: 20-22, 59-64)
  • The Koran speaks of Haman (28: 6; 29:39; 40: 24,36) as a minister of state for Rameses II, Pharaoh of Egypt. The book of Esther in the Bible mentions Haman as an officer of King Xerxes in Persia. We know, moreover that Haman is not an Egyptian but a Babylonian name.

Haman begs for mercy before Esther


This is the evidence. What is your verdict?

These are in conflict, not only with the Bible, but with undeniable facts of history. They are clear evidence that the Koran was not inspired by the God who spoke through Jesus in the Injil and who said, “The scripture cannot be broken.” God’s word cannot contradict itself. God’s word can never be contradicted by God’s world. They must agree. If not, one of them is wrong. Proven historical facts such as the date when Christ, and therefore Mary lived, are beyond dispute. The fact that Haman was a name unknown in the days of Rameses II, but is Babylonian dates Haman far later than the Koran. These are unmistakable errors of fact. They undermine and invalidate the claim that the Koran is the word of God.