‘Peace be with you !’

Jesus used these words to greet his disciples. In fact, the purpose of Jesus’ coming into this world was to bring us peace with God and the peace of God. One of the prophets called Jesus: ‘The Prince of Peace.’ Jesus was a peacemaker, and he urged those who follow him to act in the same way as he did. They must be at peace with others and show love – not only to their loved ones, as members of their family or other Christians, but also to their neighbours – that is, all the people they meet. Jesus even taught Christians to love those who do not agree with them.

It is with a spirit of love and respect that I am writing to you, dear Muslim friend, and answer your questions. I do not write as someone who believes himself to be intelligent or an intellectual, but only as someone of whom God has shown his kindness to; someone whom God opened his eyes to see the marvels and richness of the truths contained in his Holy Word – the Taurat, Zabur and Injil.

‘I rejected the Bible for years.’

I rejected the Bible for years. In fact, I hated everything that relates to Christianity. I was taught that the Bible that Christians use today has been changed and falsified, and therefore I did not even need to touch it. But God had mercy on me! One day I was given an Injil (a New Testament) in Arabic. I thought, ‘Why can not I read it?’ The Quran itself recommends it. Let me read it and see what the people of the book (Christians) believe.’

And then, with many presuppositions such as: ‘The Bible has been falsified,’ ‘Christians worship three gods,’ ‘God can never have a son,’ ‘The immorality of the West is caused by Christianity, I started reading and studying the Injil.

‘I was surprised by what I discovered.’

What was my first surprise? I learned that Christians also have in their Bible the Taurat (the Pentateuch) and the Zabur (the Psalms)! They have all the Holy Scriptures in their Bible. This was a big discovery for me.

In discussion with Muslims, I have often remarked that they have many prejudices and preconceived ideas about the Christian faith. Many would like to know and understand what Christianity is, which leads them to ask and ask a lot of pertinent questions.

‘A sincere aim.’

The aim of this site is to objectively present to Muslim friends what Christians believe, to try to answer their questions, to provide clear, precise and detailed answers to the many accusations they have about the Bible, that is, The Word of God, to dispel misunderstandings and to greater understanding and light on the basis of the Christian faith.

I am aware that many of them wonder, discuss and seek the Truth with an open and sincere mind. You may be one of them, which is good. If you sincerely seek the truth, it is to you that is addressed the contents of the articles of this site.

For all your questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our prayer is that God be glorified through this work. I praise and give thanks to God who is love, grace, righteousness, holiness and mercy. To God, only worthy, be glory and adoration, and now, and in all ages! Amen!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy reading!

Salam wa Niaama (Peace and Blessing – السلام والنعمة)