Does God care for me?

By observing the stars and considering how great and vast this universe is, we cannot help understanding even on a smaller scale how great God is. Do you ever wonder, “Is it possible that God who created these millions of stars and who keeps them all in their places can bother with someone so insignificant as myself? Would He care for the vast universe and someone as small as me? Surely He is too great to take an interest in one individual in particular, rather than just watching over mankind in general.”

Let us consider for a moment how Jesus took into account people and considered them individually. Was he too great to be interested in the joy and grief of ordinary men and women? Not at all! On the contrary, we see a Jesus who loves and has sympathy for each person he encounters. He wanted to give health, happiness and salvation to everyone. Thousands of people came to him in search of relief: rich and poor, young and old, men and women, His fellow countrymen and foreigners. He did not drive anyone away. He made the promise that he would not turn away anyone who came to him. (John 6:37).

Jesus, the friend of sinners!

We have all offended God. God could have destroyed sinners like us. We deserve that. But once we are joined by faith to the person of Christ, who is the perfect and complete image of God, we are astonished to see that not only did He not hate, condemn or avoid sinners, Jesus often went to their homes, ate with them and was kind to them.

It was because of this attitude that he was severely criticised by the religious leaders of his time, to the point that they called him “the friend of sinners”, intending it as an insult. To which, Jesus replied that it was sinners who were sick, and that he was their doctor. Just as a doctor does not seek to kill his sick man, but to care for him, so God does not want the sinner to perish but to be saved. He came to seek and save that which was lost and dying because of sin.