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Has the Bible been changed?

Take a look at the summary answer to this question. Updating translations of the Bible doesn’t change the documents from which the translation is made. If you have heard that Christians have changed the Bible look at this reasoned answer. You can send for a full copy of the booklet here.



What does the Word of God say about Jesus the Messiah?

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Who is the God of Abraham?

Many people say they worship the God of Abraham. You will often hear of the three great faiths that look back to Abraham. Each of these ‘faiths’ teach totally different things about God. Who is the God of Abraham? The prophet Moses tells us.

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Did someone else die in the place of Jesus?

It is often argued that God rescued Jesus from the cross. Someone else was there, and God made them look like Jesus. This article examines that issue. At the heart of the answer is the honour of God, the testimony of the witnesses, and the reliability of the Old Testament and the former prophets.

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Who He is

His mission

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